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Jim Amato built a lifetime of relationships with the best suppliers.  

When you work with Infinity Products you leverage Jim’s experience and contacts to run your business more efficiently and cost effectively.

After 13 years working with the leading manufacturer of filters for the OEM air compressor market, Jim founded Infinity Products in 1995. The company’s name was chosen specifically because Jim planned to not only supply filter products, but also nearly anything else a customer could ask for. In the years since, Jim realized his vision and Infinity Products grew into a multi-product industrial supply company. Much like an integrated supplier, the company aims to provide anything and everything for our customers with unmatched economy and efficiency.  

Rather than represent just a few manufacturers, we distribute products from many and focus on offering the quickest delivery, best price, and superior quality. 


The advantages of our approach were recently recognized by the United States Air Force, who made us a supplier to their largest base. This installation relies on timely access to a massive number and variety of filters for military jets. On multiple occasions they had requests for filters that needed to be delivered on extremely tight timelines. All of our suppliers had great prices, but the delivery dates were challenging or impractical for some to meet. However, in every case we were able to provide a supplier who could work with the budgetary constraints, quality standards and deadlines. 

We also have a Fortune 500 plastics company as a client. They count on us to supply filters and tape to numerous manufacturing locations. Prior to our involvement, one of their sites was buying four different Teflon tapes from three different suppliers. We were able to supply all the tape they needed at lower prices. We were also able to remedy a supply chain problem they were experiencing with wire screen filters by offering a three-month consignment, which eliminated supply shortages and reduced costs.

These are just a handful of examples of how the many relationships we built with suppliers translated to value for our customers. And we would welcome the opportunity to put our connections to work for your business.